5 Trends That Could Drive SEO Strategies in 2014

5 Trends That Could Drive SEO Strategies in 2014

As we adieu 2013 and welcome 2014, marketing experts are reevaluating and reassessing their SEO techniques.  Marketing and SEO trends change very rapidly, and there is no surprise to this. Looking into the current SEO structure and gaps, it is not difficult to anticipate the upcoming trends in SEO.

Choosing a company like can give a good head-start to keep pace with these expected changes. The following changes are most likely to be implemented this year. Businesses can prepare themselves for altering their marketing strategies adhering to the following trends.

SEO trends

  • Hummingbird update was a very important change in Google algorithm. Content marketing strategies will hold a great value in the books of Google. Companies must thrive for creating quality content. Google will no longer be focused on keywords; rather its focus will be more on the matter. This subject-centric emphasis of Google will demand companies to design their websites in a way that will provide useful content to the audience. It’s high time that marketers and SEO professionals work on re-strategizing their SEO moves. Stuffing the website with keywords in irrelevant places and without any meaning will not give the websites a top place in the search results.

Content marketing strategies

  • Social media popularity is undoubtedly going to carry a lot of weightage. Companies must be prompt in actively participating in social media and engaging the viewers. But, what is going to hold even more weight is participation in Google+. Marketing and promotional activities on Google+ will be strongly noticed by Google.  After all, it is Google’s social site, so it has to be prioritized. In order to boost up search engine rankings, businesses should develop meaningful content for Google+. Rigorous participation in Google+ is one strategy that companies must watch out and follow.


  • Link Building has always been an essential influencing factor for search engine optimization, and it will remain to be this year as well. However, many marketers have misused it in a wrong way, which has forced Google to take some counter measures. Google will not tolerate spamming and link postings in irrelevant sites. Moreover, companies that practice this wrong method of building links will get punished. This is true for guest posting as well. Directing viewers to unrelated sites through hyperlinks will not be tolerated. Meaningful content marketing across relevant places will continue to be acknowledged.

Link Building

  • Companies have already switched on to a responsive website design that is compatible with mobile devices and tablets. But, those who have still not realized the importance of mobile friendly web design must act upon it. Rankings by Google will depend on this criterion as well. Having a responsive website is mandatory.

responsive website design

  • Finally, simplicity will be honored. Stick to simple layouts and to-the-point crisp content. Content digressions might attract negative attention. It is important to direct the viewers to what they are looking for without any hassles.

All the aforementioned points are key factors to achieving and maintaining high ranking in search engines. Divert all your necessary resources on implementing these useful changes, because quick actions will yield better results!

Author Bio – Sam Frank is a digital marketing expert who also maintains a marketing blog, where he educates people about marketing trends. Sam understands the importance of search engine optimization and recommends other business owners to pay attention to this crucial aspect.

Written by Jay Londerick