Benefits of Testing your Website Effectiveness

Benefits of Testing your Website Effectiveness

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or the owner of a multi-national corporation your website is the window into your company brand, the first port of call that the majority of potential customers will visit and witness. The most successful companies understand that there has to be fluidity within their marketing strategies and one way to do so is by constantly evolving, utilising data acquired from testing website effectiveness to improve the customer experience and assist the overall growth of the company.

Improve Usability

The last thing you want from your website is for it to be difficult to understand or to use. The customer needs a fluid experience where products and services are clearly signposted and there is an easy route to follow through which they can purchase, or for them to make contact with you, if you don’t have an e-commerce site in place yet. For usability of your website there are a few points you should consider:

  • The first time a user enters your website, how easy is it for them to understand the design and layout and to easily browse?
  • Once the user has figured out the design and layout of your website, how easy is it for them to quickly perform tasks?

  • Is your website familiar and simple enough to use that returning users can instantly remember how to effectively use it, without having to re-learn basic steps?
  • How easy is it for the user to make an error and how simple and quickly can they overcome that error?
  • Is the whole website design and layout a pleasant experience for the user?

The only way to really figure out the bugs and defects within a website is to constantly test it. This can start in-house when you have first placed the website into testing mode, but you should allow customers to deliver feedback where possible, as well as hiring the services of professional auditors who understand exactly what to look for in a well run and easy to use business website.

Improve Marketing Strategies

Once you have discovered more about your website and how users browse you can take that data away and use it to improve the direct marketing strategies on the website itself. Your potential customer will have a short attention span, or at least you should assume that they do. Can you get them to where they want to be within 10 seconds? Even if it is just a first step, a nod towards a deal or product that you want them to see, is this possible? Website testing allows you to refine your marketing approach, tweaking colour schemes, fonts, images, placement of contact forms and internal links.

Improve Customer Support and Remove Barriers

Customer just want an easy ride. Make it a simple process for them to funnel information and feedback back to you, so you can constantly evolve and improve the service you are offering through the company website. Remove obstacles and barriers to the user becoming a customer, making it easy for them to make a decision and follow through there and then, without having to return and delay.

Written by Jay Londerick