Does Your Printer Have a Ghost Jam?

Does Your Printer Have a Ghost Jam?

Have you ever tried to print a document on your computer, at home, and receive a prompt that there is a paper jam?  Sure, that happens from time to time: the paper gets stuck in the feeder and you just have to realign it.  But have you ever received this prompt when there was no paper jammed in the feeder?

This is often known as a “ghost jam” and it is actually a somewhat common problem that many people encounter when trying to print from consumer printing machines.  Obviously, this issue is more often a mechanical problem than a user issue but it is important to know the causes (and fixes) so you can blame the appropriate parties.

Indeed, most commonly, the “ghost jam” is caused by paper or other junk getting stuck between the gears that move your rear duplexer. The roller will feel stuck and the computer will simply notify you that there is a paper jam, even though there is no paper jam. Obviously, the computer simply does not have enough information to accurately describe the issue so it is just using its next closes frame of understanding and calling it a “paper jam.”

If you find you have this sort of problem, consider following these steps to remedy it:

  • Remove the rear duplexer so you can grip any of the four rollers. They should move freely (because if they don’t….)
  • Touch at least two of the contact points with a paper clip. Essentially, this bridges the electrical current between the two and the printer will think that the duplexer has been installed. While the computer (and printer) may react, though, make sure to keep the connection
  • Press OK on the printer’s control panel (when prompted)
  • Do you see any white plastic gears (typically on the left-hand side)? If they feel stalled, frozen, jammed, or feel like they will skip gears, you may need to clean them
  • Grip the furthest rubber roller and rotate it. Look for shards of paper
  • Clean all teeth and restore the rollers
  • Turn it all back on and see if the problem has been resolved

This is only one of the most common problems you might encounter with your printer, but hopefully you are encouraged that you might be able to fix many of the most common problems you could have. You might also have problem with ink so better you choose canon pgi-250xl/cli-251 xl ink tank cartridges for better results.

Written by Jay Londerick