How does guest blogging drive traffic to a website?

How does guest blogging drive traffic to a website?

guest blogging drive trafficGuest blogging drives targeted traffic to a website by way of inbound links. Contextual links emanating from blog posts published on a forum or blog site which is relevant and authoritative has enormous worth and potential. The blog may be an established site; it may be a website which encourages guest bloggers or it may be an onsite blog. Whichever it is, it is a tool which delivers powerful results for owners of commercial websites

Guest blogging grows traffic

Guest blogging grows traffic, of that there can be little doubt. There are typically two types of guest blogging, and both are proven methods of attracting and generating increased traffic and visitor numbers. They are:

  • Guest blogging on your own blog
  • Guest blogging on someone else’s blog

The former is when someone other than yourself writes an item for publishing on your own website’s blog page. The latter is when you write a piece and have it published on an authority blog site or forum. The latter is extremely important in delivering quality, targeted traffic to a website business.Social network metaphor

How do I even begin guest blogging?

You can carry out a lot of research and find out where the best forums are, and what their terms and conditions are for posting. Then of course you can write the piece you want posting and deliver it to the blog master for approval. Then of course you can research the keywords and phrases which you want to use to link to your site or specific page, all of which must be relevant and authoritative.

That is the difficult route.

On the other hand you could take the easy route and place your blogging requirements into the hands of a company such as Ocere Digital, to mention one example. Companies such as this offer a guest posting service as an element of their overall search engine marketing service. Cost effective and a tool which yields immediate results, it is an extremely efficient method of traffic generation.

Google Panda and Penguin compliant

Panda and Penguin are the Google search algorithms which determine page ranking, and ultimately where any webpage appears in search returns. Guest post blogging is compliant with both. However, as with all things there is almost always a catch. The content which is written has to be of high quality. Any work published which is plagiarised and/or contains elements of copied text, even if it has been lifted from your own website will get an instant mark down.guest blogging drive traffic


If possible it is better to have blog items published on overlapping forums, thereby increasing the potential of targeted traffic driven to your website. It should be interesting, engaging, informative and easy to read. A guest post which drags on or starts to bore will soon turn a reader off and they will go elsewhere – guaranteed. Site analytics and other marketing tools show this to be true.

Rather than waste time and effort doing it yourself and getting nowhere fast, place it in the hands of a dedicated agency. Quality can be assured and every piece which is published will add credence, authority and relevance to the site the links point to – your site.

Written by Jay Londerick