How to Make Offshore Software Development Work with Agile Methodology?

How to Make Offshore Software Development Work with Agile Methodology?

Despite the idea the Waterfall method is a no risk approach to software outsource, there is a consistent rise in the adaption of Agile methodology for coming up with consumer centric solutions. But the collaboration of this approach and offshore software development service has always been a subject of debate since a very long time. This article focuses on the key components of their successful alliance.

  1. It is deemed a reliable and experienced technology partner

A technology partner is a firm that comprehends the idea behind the software and help in executing it. It begins with a due diligence about your company in order to evaluate their portfolio and past experience so as to ascertain your workability. By doing this, a list of metrics is evaluated to weigh of the partner is capable to execute a process according to the predetermined requirements and standards.

  1. It helps greatly in channel identification for communication

Communication is deemed the best practice to determine requirements, problems, and solutions. When it comes to working with Agile methodology, there is always more focus on communicating directly instead of documentation. Daily stand ups within the team, virtual meetings with clients via most of the prominent channels as well as the progress status reports are some of the ways to convey ideas, recommendations, issues, and solution at both ends.

  1. You can work on a variety of different Agile frameworks

Agile has various iterative and incremental software development approaches. The variations in these approaches are referred to as Agile frameworks. Some of the most popular ones are Scrum, Leanban, Extreme Programming and so much more. The ideal software development framework makes sure that the engineering team adapts according to the requirements.

  1. Never forget to considering the varying time zone

When selecting an offshore software development service, it is quite important to know about the time zone difference, before you land into a deal. This determines that the communication between the parties is not hindered because of location and time differences. Hence it is important to overlap some time for discussing the project, improvements, and changes are conveyed clearly and on time.

To conclude

Taking into account the benefits that the Agile based development brings forth, we follow this approach for all our projects. The very same approach is applicable for a range of custom software development projects.

Written by Jay Londerick