Online Marketing Trends Revolutionising Melbourne Businesses

Online Marketing Trends Revolutionising Melbourne Businesses

Over the recent past, we have noticed drastic increase in online marketing taking place in Melbourne. In a way, the online marketing wave has taken over as a dominating marketing force and its proving to be a big deal, especially by considering a ‘BCG report ‘on digital transformation which showed that some companies have hit their top potential by adopting this as a marketing tool. In Melbourne, online marketing wave is also taking over as a trend and some companies that have adopted these techniques are witnessing fairly successful marketing campaigns. Let us look at some of these trends.

 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION – Most Melbourne businesses have undertaken the search engine optimisation as a tool to increase their ranking on search engines. It’s obvious that with the growing revolutionising power of technology, most people prefer using search engines to access services or even to gain more information about a product. With an aim of tapping in more customers from these search engines like Google, the use of SEO services from SEO agencies has taken over as one of the biggest trends being employed by Melbourne businesses to advertise their services by tapping in these customers from the search engines.

CONTENT MARKETING – Content marketing has considerably gained momentum over the recent past and we can all agree that most businesses in Melbourne have really thrived through it. We have all come across AR {Augmented Reality} and VR {Virtual Reality} technologies taking over as a form of advertisement. Basically, these methods make the users who experience them feel like they are living the moment. Live Webinars and workshops have also found their usefulness as part of content marketing campaigns.

 NICHE MARKETS – Niche marketing is a marketing technique whereby most of these businesses target a more specific niche appealing to a narrower range of demographics with a much more specific area of specialization. Businesses engaging niche marketing will almost always succeed as they now have a chance to narrow down and focus on a specific area which saves income and time, while allowing more time to interact with the right consumers.

 NATIVE ADVERTISING – Well, however how odd this may seem, native advertising methods come with a fair share of blessings. It’s clear that native advertising becomes sneakier but effective with time and while we have all witnessed various conventional methods of businesses advertising get condemned consumers and businesses alike, this online marketing technique is yet to find itself in consumer and business people’s bad books. And it is also important to mention that though some of these methods may become depleted or old fashioned, there are publishers and brands working to improve the various forms of native advertising.

USE OF DATA VISUALISATION TOOLS – As data is a way of livelihood for many Melbourne businesses, they obviously need both qualitative and quantitative description of their products and their respective potential buyers, and the most effective way for such businesses to pass information to their clients as far as online marketing is concerned is through data visualisation. There is a relief brought about by data visualisation tools as it will be really hard for potential buyers to process complex numerical data and. However, by making use of data visualisation methods, businesses have made tasks easier for their customers.

Written by Jay Londerick