The Technical Aspects of Ejuice Experience Choices

The Technical Aspects of Ejuice Experience Choices

People new to vaping often find themselves in a fix as to decide what is best. This burgeoning smoke sub-niche is incredible diverse already, and is growing richer with options. First timers naturally find it challenging to decide from hundreds of flavors, nicotine percentage, and VG/PG ratio, to start with. You would also need to find the right apparatus from numerous options such as sub ohm tanks, RDAs, coil types, battery power, user convenience, material used, and design.

No Rocket Science

Understandably a rather hefty duty, take your time for adequate researching. Most people face a shock of studying rocket science (as if) in exploring the technical aspects. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to be an electrical engineer to understand how vaping tanks work! The whole thing is very straightforward, and plenty of useful resources are already available online. Check out reddit forums, genuine peer reviews, and all the general resources available at a good site for ejuice plus accessories.

Choose best

Get along in a step wise fashion; choose the right liquid first, then find the best apparatus compatible with your first choice. Consider other important details such as how much smoke do you want to bellow, what are your budget limits on the experience, and whether you like the design. A typical retailer website for these things would have all the resources you need to go through and decide what you need.

In buying the eliquid, you would need to read the labels carefully to pre-assess the experience. Although new timers start with flavors, experienced users also put in nicotine percentage and smoke volume into the calculation. Here is a technical breakdown of the various aspects of choosing the right smoke concoction.

VG/PG ratio

Any liquid you would encounter would have four basic ingredients in varying percentage. One finds a VG/PG ratio, a number for nicotine, and a distinct blend of added flavors. VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin and PG means Propylene Glycol. These chemicals are responsible for producing the vapors. Obviously, an anxious new customer would enquire the inevitable, “is it safe?” Well, the first thing anyone should remember here that smoking/vaping is a personal decision of a grownup man or woman!

The choice is yours, but always check quality products if you are going to use it anyway. Buy from standard providers instead of cheap Chinese products or homebrew solutions. VG is made of natural extracts such as plant or vegetable oils. It also has a unique flavor and taste of its own, as different from the odorless and tasteless PG. However, it is also more viscous than PG, and tends to be the main reason for clogging up the device.

Apart from lesser gunk, high PG concentration also means you have a more direct throat hit, emulating the reaction of a cigarette. The flavors are also crisper with it. However, of all the side effects reported, PG liquids have more instances reported of allergic reactions. VG ejuice delivers more smoke bulk, but if you really want to blow huge puffs of smoke, go for a compatible sub-ohm vaporizer along with it.


Written by Jay Londerick