How To Amplify Website Conversions And Reduce The Friction?

How To Amplify Website Conversions And Reduce The Friction?

Website conversion process, especially online stores need to be easiest. Encouraging a prospective customer to move forward from awareness to final decision making has to be simple and clear.

Friction occurs, when some element on your website hinders the prospects progression of navigating through the sales funnel. It is crucial to recognize the friction spots in sales process and takes action to resolve them, so that your sales dramatically increase from existing web traffic.

How to reduce website friction and amplify conversions?

Enhance website design

Website builders are great for creating a layout that is appealing but make sure that it is functional and usable. User experience is the top priority, where products and contents stand out allowing buyer to move seamlessly. If page format is cluttered and confusing with multiple options or even if buy button is concealed or difficult to find then obviously sales get lost.

If buying process is lengthy with many fields to fill then it can be difficult for mobile users, so you will lose sales. Ecommerce stores need to leverage the white space and have a clean, simple, navigable website. Their product images, details and review must be clearly visible. Make them stand out and positioned in places viewers expect.

Enhance site speed

Speed is a crucial factor that causes website friction, so consistently monitor the speed of sales pages, cart and even checkout pages. Large HD images look amazing but if they are the reason of slow load then prospects can get alienated. It is doing more harm than good.

Simplify options

Consumer’s decision gets paralyzed, when they are confronted with multiple choices. It is a decision fatigue phenomenon. Therefore evaluate options and see if you decrease options does it make a difference between obvious ones. Simplify sales process, so it will reduce the work level to finish a purchase.

Eliminate distractions

When a shopper is about to buy a product or sign your email list, he/she gets distracted. They leave the site, forget to make purchase or abandon the cart. It happens often because many websites have added distractions like competing CTA showing on same page, sidebars stuffed with affiliate ads, overdoing social media icons, etc. Make sure that the sidebar content adds value and make sure that social media icons are not overdone.

Single CTA

A single call to action must be added to attain conversion goal. Competing CTAs on same page will overwhelm and confuse visitors, who will take no action. If you need to include another call to action then make it a low key and not big or flashy.

The colors of action links must to be same, images need to be relevant, navigation has to be streamlined, multiple payment options and search bar displayed. These are some great hits that can amplify website conversions without any friction.

Written by Jay Londerick