Significance of Backlinks in SEO – A Great Way to Move Ahead

Significance of Backlinks in SEO – A Great Way to Move Ahead

Those who are into Search Engine Optimization may have heard this term several times. They of course know its relevance and importance. Backlinks is one of the crucial facets of SEO. They act as building blocks for a stable SEO. If we talk about their dictionary meaning, backlinks are the links that go back to your own website. In other words it can be termed as Inbound Links. They are as relevant as these are kind of good indicators of the reputation of your website.

Google as a search engine give high importance to websites having good quality backlinks, thus these websites are considered more relevant as compared to other in search results. This quality tool must be used by all business owners and SEO professionals but for that a sound practical knowledge of the same is required.

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Reasons to Have Backlinks

Google as a search engine looks back at the number of relevant backlinks your website has. Therefore, you should never feel content and always strive to get more and more quality ones to your website. Relevancy of a website in the eyes of search engines is gained by the quality of links pointing back to your site. It is termed as a quality link if that link is pointing to your website and the content on that website is relevant to your own site.


Level Playing Field

Search engines are smart enough to know that whether it is level playing field? This means that search engines want websites to have natural links that are built slowly over a period of time. Manipulation of links to get high rankings in search engines is very easy. It is one of the reasons why backlinks are an important factor.

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Recently, professional bloggers and SEO experts have faced lot of problems due to this as search engines tweaked their algorithms and got strict with them.

Consequence of Being Tricky

As discussed, search engines have become really smart and it is next to impossible to play games on them. If you want to be in their good books then you will actually have to do things in more natural way. The old way of getting reciprocal backlinking and using a link farm is no more in operation today. If performed a similar task, it will lead you to a path where your site will be banned for sure.

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Contextual Backlinks

These are those that are normally found in the middle of any sentence in a post. Contextual backlinks earn high value. It can further result in getting higher page results.

Contextual Backlinks

No matter you are staying in any part of the world you can acquire this hallmark technique of a good SEO. Getting the same while staying in Chicago isn’t a tough task. You can take up an SEO consulting in Chicago to know more about how to use backlinks as a successful SEO strategy.

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Written by Jay Londerick